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Education Expert

As an education consultant, with  a wide range of experience, and a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge, I work with leaders to identify ways of integrating emotional and multiple intelligences into schools.  I am an  advocate of educational reform and fully support the work of neuropsychological research that highlights the need for Kindergartens for 3 – 7  year olds as well as later starts for teenagers.



With ten years of experience as the founder and  Headteacher of an ‘Outstanding’ innovative and creative Preparatory School, 25 years of teaching experience in maintained and independent schools  and  with a solid background in  the emotional development of children,  I speak about creative and innovative education as a Key -Note Speaker at education conferences.



I write articles on childhood for a wide variety of publications.  I also write stories for children.


School Searches

I work with parents and children in their search for the right school, nationwide and internationally.  Children are prepared for entrance examinations.  Assessments are organised through our extended team of educational experts.

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