Our Approach

Our approach and methods vary significantly depending on what we are coaching or tutoring, our client’s age and their specific needs. Each coaching session builds on the previous session. As the sessions progress, so, too, does the child's learning and self-belief.

All our methods and techniques originate from high end innovative educational practice and from coaching/therapy practice.  They are rooted in unconditional positive regard and are centred on three core values: compassion, creativity and courage.

These three values underpin our unique approach and they enable the process of learning and personal growth.  At The Happy Child there are three definitive stages of this process that we refer to as the Keys of Happiness©.

Keys of Happiness©

These three keys of learning follow the process of building rapport - compassion, finding understanding - creativity and consolidating change - courage. When experienced, this process of learning enables the child to achieve specific goals and move along their pathway of happiness.

The Compassion Key©


Before the first session with a child we meet with the parents to understand any issues or concerns. Holding this valuable information in mind, in the first session we always ask the child what they would like to talk about.

Our intent is to build relationships of mutual trust and understanding.

Connecting with and establishing clear and respectful communication  moves the child into a space where they are relaxed and ready to work on themselves or on their school work.

Together with the parent’s information, we are then able to plan for the subsequent coaching or tutoring sessions.


The Creativity Key©


All sessions are fun, dynamic and child-centred enabling a child to communicate and understand creatively.

Our intent, at this stage of the process, is for the child to become curious about themselves and curious to learn more. This curiosity then sparks confidence in the collaborative relationship so that the coaching  and tutoring process becomes problem-solving and work focussed.

When tutoring, we use age appropriate resources and creative activities to ensure that the child has every possibility to explore their learning.

When life coaching, we use the most relevant approach for each child: playing, art, craft, story, music, writing or talking.




The Courage Key©

We build the child’s courage by establishing what skills they already confidently do well and we investigate how they do this.

Our intent is to build the child’s self-awareness of their passions and aptitudes(skills) so that they can committ these to their life long learning.

This focus enables self-reflection and motivates the child. From this position of strength, we are then able to work on identifying the root cause of their limiting beliefs, fears or causes of anxiety.

In life-coaching , together with the child, we set specific goals and look at ways of achieving these. We evaluate the child’s ideas and they choose the most achievable and realistic option for them to get the result they want.

When tutoring, we also set specific goals so that children are aware that they can positively evaluate their progress.

Our aim is for children to understand how they think, feel, behave and learn.


At the end of each series of sessions, we hold a review and feedback session with the parents. Whilst the majority of our clients successfully solve their issues within the coaching sessions, some clients choose to continue with weekly sessions throughout the school year as they find this on-going therapeutic space especially useful and others choose to attend “top up” sessions as and when they feel that this is helpful.


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