Bespoke Life Coaching Workshops

A prior meeting with the school is held whereby the environment, teaching space and the expectations from the workshops are discussed collaboratively. We create and facilitate these workshops on a wide variety of subjects including mindfulness, growth mindset, resilience, confidence, communication, collaboration and happiness.

These workshops are 75 minutes long and are based on life coaching skills. The workshop is tailored to each class, taking into account their age and developmental needs. All school workshops follow the same pattern: establishing rapport and understanding the purpose, a story followed by creative interaction activities, completing with a feedback and closure session. All creative resources are provided.

Do also take a look at our Services page as all of these pathways towards happiness© may be tailored for teacher training and schools.

Multiple Intelligence Learning Styles


This workshop is wonderful for the school community to take part in including: teachers, children and parents.  Within the workshop  learning styles are identified and discussed.  Group activities take place to further enhance the understanding of how these learning styles can positively enable the teaching and learning environment and ease social communication.



Values based learning to support the changes that naturally occur in childhood and in school as children progress through their year groups.

The Early Years (3-7)

This workshop is centred on the early years  environment and compassionately introduces the children to healthy separation and play.

The themes of growing up, learning new skills and making friends are explored through story and creative activities.

The Rubicon Years (8-10)

This workshop is entitled Our Amazing Skills, specifically looking at emotions and will power, identifying the visual, listening, communication and organisational skills  that children can do really well.

Making mistakes is a focus where children can begin to understand that their brains are also muscles that can grow and develop with practise.

The Senior School Years (11+)

This workshop is for children who are moving to senior school. The workshop provides children with as much information about senior school as possible and it is a wonderful space for children to share and discuss any fears and limited beliefs that they have about making this transition.

The themes of becoming independent, Friendships, Teachers, Integrity, Resilience, Independence, Communication, Social Media, Keeping Safe, Organisation, Growth Mindset and Mindfulness can be explored through interactive discussions and activties.

Friendship and Communcation


This workshop gets right to the heart of what an authentic friendship is . Children discuss how they make friendships and what they believe makes them last. They learn about values, the building blocks of friendship and how to be effective and positive with their communication.

Through role play the children address non-verbal communication and investigate how the words and tonality that we use through our verbal communication may be heard and interpreted. This communication is then linked to social media safety and awareness.

Self-Esteem, Resilience and Confidence

This workshop focuses on emotional intelligence. Children learn to enhance their emotional vocabulary to express how they feel about themselves. They practice positive self-reflection and identify ways of improving their self-belief. Through resilience work the children learn effective ways of “bouncing back” and moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Children learn how to identify areas where they do not feel confident and practice transferring skills from other areas of personal success to these.

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