Education Benefits

Children and teens thrive from undivided attention. Identifying their limited learning beliefs and acknowledging their skills and achievements is incredibly powerful. Learning how to transfer and adapt these skills fills a child with self-esteem and the confidence to keep going and make continued progress with their academic learning.



Exam Preparation and Study Skills

This unique series of insightful sessions aims to impart how to study successfully and how best to prepare for the test situation. Academic and emotional intelligence skills are taught that enable the exam pathway to be one of personal excellence.


Bespoke Tutorials

All levels of learning are supported through individual tutorials. The high-end quality of these creative and personalised coaching sessions ensures that children progress as happy and confident learners.

Educational Therapy

Limited beliefs are decisions that are made in early childhood that are based on specific moments in time – “Failing means I’m stupid.” “I have to succeed in everything I do” “In our family we don’t do Maths.” “I’ll never read.” “I can’t write stories.” “I’m the sporty one. He’s the academic one.”

These decisions constrain how we develop and impact how we feel, learn, think, speak, and behave. Limited beliefs hinder individual growth.

This series of combined therapeutic coaching and bespoke tutorials offers children the appropriate time and nurturing academic space where they learn to identify their limited learning beliefs and practise how to change these decisions into enabling and empowering learning beliefs.


Becoming Literate and Beyond

  • Reading Fluency
  • Handwriting/Penmanship (occupational  therapy intervention)
  • Reading & Comprehension Skills
  • Creative Writing Composition
  • Poetry Composition
  • Spelling Acquisition
  • Grammar and Punctuation Awareness


Achieving Numerosity and Beyond

  • Understanding mathematical concepts
  • Mathematical Vocabulary
  • Solving Word Problems
  • Visualise-to-Realise© programme
  • Multiplication (times tables)
  • Division (division tables)
  • Number Bonds


Our priority is to build relationships of mutual trust and understanding. Before the first session with a child we meet with the parents to understand the specific requirements and subjects requiring tutoring. Holding this valuable information in mind, in the first session we always ask the child what they feel that they need to work on and how they know this.   In this session, we establish the child’s learning styles and their preferred ways of taking in information. Together with the parent’s information, we are then able to create a plan for the tutorials.

Our clients attend 5/6 weekly sessions for the duration of one half-term at a time, many clients book their tutorials for the duration of the academic year.

We offer bespoke tutorials for supporting academic progress and potential as well as more specialised tutorials specifically focussing on learning challenges. We offer a series of more intensive tutorials to support exam students.

Due to being in high demand, all tutorials are booked and paid for in advance of each academic half-term.  A non-refundable holding deposit is paid in order to reserve a tutorial space.  These deposits are returned against the first invoice for clients taking up their space.

Places are offered according to our waiting list, in some cases as a matter of priority.  Cancellations must be made within 48 hours or normal charges apply. Should scheduled tutorials require cancellation, if a convenient time cannot be arranged, refunds are credited.


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