When questioned about what parents most want for their children, many will respond, “All I really want is for them to be happy.”  The value of happiness is a personal habit; it is a value that only we can cultivate for ourselves. By listening to how children perceive what matters to them, we can help them to learn more about themselves and others.

Learning that happiness is our own responsibility is a bittersweet truth. To learn how to cultivate and develop happiness in childhood is a gift for our adult selves.

Happiness Benefits


Happy children express and receive gratitude; when facing adversity, they demonstrate resilience, they are tenacious with their learning and they have integrity. The values of courage, compassion and creativity energise this happiness from inside out.


Philosophy For Children

Philosophy for children, also known as enquiry-based learning offers a way to open up a child’s critical thinking skills through the exploration of ideas.

Through philosophy, children learn that they can generate ideas and that these ideas have value as do the ideas of others.

This ability to question, make inference, reason and debate enables children to practise skills that positively impact on all aspects of their lives, leading to greater self-understanding.

Through philosophy, children realise that they don’t always have to be right and that it is okay to have differing thoughts and opinions.


When sitting opposite me, the ball is placed between us, you are asked what you see.  I say black, you say…

Psychology for Children

Psychology for children introduces children to how they develop. Children have an amazing interest in learning about human behaviour and what these behaviours mean.

Positive psychology methods are used to promote self-reflection and self-regulation with key learning developed from neuropsychology research.

For children this means learning about how their brains and bodies are connected leading to the cultivation of a growth mindset.

Philosophy and Psychology sessions can be attended by siblings, friends or small groups. 

Great for school workshops.

The Happiness Habits


Through this series of coaching sessions, children are taught specific mental, physical and emotional skills that enable happiness to become a life long personal habit.

Happiness is learning how to find balance within ourselves – it is a calm, accepting and honest value that enables us to feel positive and connected.

Happiness offers emotional space where there is room for us to feel and to question and where there is space for others and for different and diverse experiences.


Cultivating Growth Mindset


Growth mindset is the belief that by caring about our achievements and applying our energy, we can happily develop ourselves academically and emotionally.

Through these sessions children learn how to identify fixed mindset thinking and change these patterns of thought, self-belief and behaviour.

Cultivating a growth mindset enables a child to take ownership of their own personal success and to seize the power of yet! 


Confidence and Resilience

A series of coaching sessions where children explore confidence and learn key skills that empower their self-belief and fortitude.

The aim and focus of these sessions is for children to learn how to “bounce back” from stress, challenge, tragedy, trauma or adversity.

When children are resilient, they are braver, more curious, more adaptable, and more able to extend their reach into the world with confidence.

Great for school workshops.



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