“Happiness is an inside job”


Our Purpose


The Happy Child is a private practice that offers a highly specialised, child-centred approach to Life Coaching and educating children in all aspects of their lives.

Our main purpose is to enable children to cultivate inner happiness, to inspire self-belief and to enhance their mindset skills so that they achieve their true potential.


Life Coaching & Enhanced Learning

Life coaching empowers children to process their past experiences, make healthy choices for their future while helping them to feel peaceful and happy in the present.

Enhanced learning supports, extends and consolidates the academic progress of children and teens through goal orientated, bespoke tutorials.

Our clients choose The Happy Child as we offer a uniquely creative, expert personal development service that integrates coaching with education and therapy.



G.R.I.T© enables children to embrace life fully, to live life at their very best.

We believe that happy children openly express and receive gratitude; when they face adversity, they demonstrate resilience; in all aspects of their lives, they are integrous and with their learning and development, they are tenacious.

The values of courage, compassion and creativity energise their happiness from inside out - expressed by being gritty.



“Every Child Needs A Champion”


Our work supports families and in this trusted role, the relationship that exists outside of home, school and what is familiar, is hugely beneficial.

This human connection, reflected through unconditional positive regard, is transformative.

We see the champion in your child and in you!

(click on Rita PIerson to watch her TED talk)


We follow strict safeguarding guidelines.  Therefore, therapists hold enhanced DBS certification, insurance and all sessions are confidential. We do ask for children to give permission to discuss sessions with their parents and they are very receptive to this as they become aware that this openness is part of the coaching process. Disclosures are discussed with the appropriate Safeguarding officers who decide on the threshold level.

To ensure that your family receives the most beneficial support, we collaborate with a diverse, extended team of paediatric specialists and experts in health, therapy and coaching. From time to time, parents may be seen by one of our colleagues, whilst we work with the child.  Children may also beneit from sessions with a chiropractor to help with sleep, for example.

We do meet with parents before sessions start and then again at the end of each series of sessions. This allows us to listen to the parent and acknowledge their concerns, decide upon the best sessions for their child and then to feedback the progress of the work.

We also offer Parent Coaching Sessions. With the parent fully engaged and prepared, they can talk to their child about their emotional and behavioural progress and encourage them to keep going along their pathway of excellence.

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