Melissa L. Carter

BSc(Hons) Psychology, PGDipl. Psychoanalytic Observation, PGCE Teaching

Play Therapy, Philosophy for Children, CIMI. Infant Massage, I.A.I.M,

Emotional Freedom Technique & EMO Master Practitioner

I have a wealth of experience supporting and upskilling children parents. As an expert practitioner, my broad experience enables me to draw upon diverse educational approaches, compassionate therapeutic methods and creative practical resources.

I wholeheartedly believe that an authentic education combines excellent academic achievement with the teaching and development of emotional intelligence. In 2007, I founded a unique and inspiring independent school that pioneered this approach to working with children. Achieving Ofsted’s Outstanding Standard in Education at first inspection, the school’s legacy has now become the blueprint for new school development within the UK and abroad.

In my capacity as an international educational consultant, I speak at educational conferences,  I am the author of inspiring high-end curricula for kindergartens and schools and I write articles for various publications; I advise schools about child wellbeing, emotional and multiple intelligences within education and child development. I lead empowering training workshops and offer one-to-one coaching for all practitioners working with children.


“Being in My Element”

Motherhood enriches my life and I absolutely delight in sharing life with my husband, 6 year old daughter and ten year old son – two dogs and one cat!  Being a working parent, be it that I love my work, I do understand the challenges of childhood and the demands that parents face.  Like so many parents, I strive to offer my children the very best of me and wish happiness and fulfilment for them.

Being a parent requires realism and honesty. Clients tell me that this authenticity, compassion and ability to connect with their needs are what they value, trust and love about working with me.

I have been tenacious in developing my personal aptitudes and passionately live my life with "G.R.I.T ©."  I  love this profession where I am in "my element!" Educating and enabling children to learn about whom they are and what they can achieve - to be in their "element" - is my personal passion. Fellow colleagues over the years have described the grace of my work and the gravitas that I uphold.

At The Happy Child my main purpose is to provide specialised pathways to academic excellence, happiness and personal success in an inspiring, safe environment where children are empowered, and enriched as they learn about themselves, evolve life-long problem-solving skills and practise how to learn, think, feel and do, independently – with happiness.

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